Truth about 3W PRINT

I started out and  there’s nothing wrong with that it’s  just you’ve got to be willing to change  if you ever want to grow and become more and make more and finally get that time  off the you deserve so you know when

I’ve started my business I thought man I’m gonna I’m gonna start this great company  and I’m gonna make all this money and I’m gonna take a lot more time off and you know Tony Robbins says he said he says starting

a business to get more  free time it’s kind of like saying you want to have a baby to have more free time and that’s just so true it really it’s going to consume a lot of your extra time so you know and your energy  your if you start lik

I did you’re going to work the hour weeks maybe longer because you you’ve got to provide great service you’ve got to do your marketing there’s there’s billing there’s  dispatching or answering the phone you .

Should be selling maintenance agreements and you’ve got to have a way to track those if you maintenance agreements build equity for your company so it’s a highly important that you that you  embrace.

That start selling them and tracking them so may it’ll make your company worth something in the future if you ever decide to sale so you know if you’re a one-man show like